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Van Loon Sport


It’s our obsessive attention to fabric selection that defines us. Here are some of the highlights from the current collection:


A fabric we developed specifically to overcome the unique performance challenges of skiing. Designed to maintain a stable body temperature in cold environments, Modaluxe® uses an innovative knit construction to hold a pocket of warm air next to the skin & encourage sweat evaporation.

Made using Mercerised Merino Wool & Modal - an extra-soft fibre derived from beech trees.

Knitted in England

Extrafine Merino Wool
Our mid layers exclusively use ‘extrafine’ Merino Wool fibres. That means the individual fibres that make up the fabric are 18.5 microns or less in diameter, completely removing any of the coarse characteristics sometimes associated with other quality wools.
In a market where most brands don’t state their source or quality of Merino wool we can honestly guarantee we have the absolute best.
Raw wool from New Zealand
Fabric knitted in Italy
Brushed Italian Cotton
A super-soft fabric from one of Italy’s premier knitting mills, it has hand-feel like nothing else. The inside face is brushed to perfection it the latter stages of production giving it it’s special quality. A tiny amount of lycra is also knitted into the fabric so that it moves with you and will always return to its original shape.
Knitted in Italy
Found in: Chalet Sweatshirt (Verbier Exclusive)
Portuguese Cotton
We salvaged much of our cotton production this year from other brands’ overproduction. Originally set to buy our own organic cotton it was actually more environmentally friendly to do it this way, so we did. High grade cotton from sustainable sources.
Knitted in Portugal
Italian Cashmere
We use this for our Pillbox Beanies, this particular cashmere is ultra lightweight, supremely soft and very warm.
Cashmere yarn spun in Italy
Beanies knitted in England

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