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Van Loon Sport

Modaluxe®: The new wonder-fabric keeping you warm this winter

Van Loon Sport


Skiing and snowboarding present a unique challenge. In no other sport will you find yourself 3000m up a mountain in minus degrees, snow blizzarding in your face, discussing which red wine you’ll pair with lunch.

The expectation of comfort in extreme environments within skiing is a high bar, but one we’re happy to meet every time.

We introduced Modaluxe® to the ski market in 2015 as the first major innovation to base layers since Icebreaker popularised Merino wool in the late 1980s, and it was immediately recognised by ISPO with an innovation award for breakthroughs to the outdoors market.


What does Modaluxe® do differently?

Modaluxe® uses an active 3D system to pump more moisture away from your skin than traditional fabrics.

When you start skiing your body naturally sweats due to the muscle work - even if you don't feel hot. If this moisture is allowed to sit on your skin it cools down the moment you stop, for example when you get on the chairlift. This is the cause of the classic hot/cold cycle often described by skiers.

The inside face of Modaluxe® fabric has micro-loops which stretch and relax as you move, acting as a pump to remove the moisture in the air next to your skin.

You stay dry, and as a result much warmer throughout the day skiing.

 Ski Base Layers

What else?

We’ve chosen the fibres in Modaluxe® to compliment the pumping system and maximise your comfort.

The outside face of Modaluxe® is not just Merino wool, but Mercerised Merino wool. This means the fibres are smoother than a traditional Merino wool, so you get all the warmth of the wool with none of the coarseness.

We use Lenzing™ Modal yarn to knit the inside face, a super-soft fibre derived from beech trees, so this is what you feel on your skin and what gives Modaluxe® it’s silky quality.


How should I wear it?

Modaluxe® is what we use for all our base layers, available as long sleeve tops and 3/4 length leggings. (3/4 length leggings give you warmer feet too!)

A Modauxe® base layer is the best option for your first layer, whether you’re in the middle of winter or Spring skiing, because it acts a temperature regulator.

The layers you put on top are your choice based on the conditions. We would recommend one of our 100% extra-fine Merino wool mid layers, but we’re definitely biased.


Ski Base Layer

Bottom Line

Wearing Modaluxe® base layers when you ski will keep you warm, comfortable and stop the frustrating hot/cold cycles you used to hate.

Get yourself a set of Modaluxe® base layers now:



Here are some people already benefitting from Modaluxe®:

"Having now worn my Modaluxe® base layers in temperatures ranging from -30 to +7 degrees celsius I can confirm that they are the best thermals I have ever had... For the first time I’ve been comfortable all season no matter the conditions." Rob Lawson, Private Ski Guide in Rusutsu, Japan

"They're actually so good. I've had my top for 3 seasons now and it's still perfect. Wear it every day I go out." Charles Reynolds, full-time skier in Whistler, Canada

"Perfect for race days and chiller days in resort... Best base-layers I've had." Charlie Raposo, World Cup GS Skier

"Van Loon Sport’s base layers are remarkably comfortable. The quality of the garments is unique and highly valued by our customers. Their Modaluxe® fabric is particularly impressive." Bayard Sports & Fashion, Zermatt




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